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Boost E-Commerce Sales with Sellvia’s US-Based Solutions

Make Your Customers Happy with The Best US-Based Ecommerce Ecosystem.

Sellvia is more than an online product catalog. More than a warehouse with packing & shipping employees. More than a piece of software for online stores.

With Sellvia, boosting your very own PROFITABLE online business is easier than ever.

Do you already have a functioning online store or some e-commerce experience? Power your site and supercharge your skills with Sellvia! Simply subscribe to Sellvia (compatible with WooCommerce and AliDropship) and boost your product offering to the United States.

To provide for your business from A to Z, Sellvia has:

  • A US-based Fulfillment Center with thousands of product units ALREADY stored in there. These items are ready to be collected, packed, and handed over to the delivery service in 1 business day after you send your order! This means NO need to wait until the product travels from far abroad to the U.S. It’s there, waiting for YOU and your client to order it.
  • Super fast US shipping – So, the products are in the United States already – and they can reach your customers in the blink of an eye. When your order is packed, the team hands it over to UPS or USPS, and the package arrives at any destination within the USA in 1-3 business days.
  • Top quality packaging – Every product from the Fulfillment Center is made ready for a long-distance delivery before it’s transferred to USPS. It’s packed into a neat, secure box with no labels or brochures: a real catch if you want to create a consistent brand image!
  • Hype product catalog – the Sellvia catalog doesn’t simply feature the hottest, most demanded products for the US target audience. It contains thousands of classy product pages: right after being imported to your store, they are ready to convert your site visitors into buyers. No extra editing work is needed from you! They come with high-quality pictures, clear titles, informative descriptions, and authentic buyer reviews. You can start driving traffic to these selling pages right away!
  • Best selling marketing materials – Together with the hype product pages, the Sellvia offering includes professionally made promo materials for each of the items. These ready-to-use promo sets contain pre-tested texts and visuals for profitable ad campaigns, and recommendations on these campaigns’ settings and targeting.

Can you see what you’re getting with Sellvia?

It’s basically a package deal – and a turnkey solution to help an already existing online store steam ahead.

Sellvia with a monthly subscription can be used to upgrade new Business Partners’ existing online stores (up to 10 domains). It also includes full access to all Sellvia’s features, services and products. Price: $39/month after 14-day trial.